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Help customers/Guests envision themselves at your business or location with striking, sharp photos, videos and story telling that encapsulate the charm and personality of your space. High Quality Professional, I provide top-notch professional photos and videos through straightforward and Cost-Effective package options, all delivered within 2 – 5 Days Turnaround The subscription model is perfect for businesses that want to grow with and ndeed an in-house production. It’s best to do a minimum of three months if you want to reap the benefits of engaging  your audience with video/photo content.  Our services extend to the Lehigh Valley and beyond. NOTE ALL SERVICES DON’T INCLUDE TRAVEL FEE OR REVISION FEE

Add Ons

Social Media Manager

Price $250

Duration: 30 Days:      2 Platforms 

  • Full Engagement:
    • Ensuring active participation and interaction with the audience.
  • Trending Hashtags Outreach:
    • Identifying and utilizing popular hashtags to increase visibility.
  • Attractive Copywriting:
    • Crafting compelling and appealing written content for posts.
  • Scheduling Platforms:
    • Efficiently managing and scheduling content across various platforms.
  • Competition Analysis:
    • Analyzing competitors to stay informed and make informed strategic decisions.
  • Target Audience Research:
    • In-depth exploration and understanding of the intended audience for targeted content.
Do you have insurance and licensed

Yes. In order to adhere to the rules governing professional services in film and survey, we have  liability insurance and Aviation insurnace both at a 1 million coverage. Before beginning services, we always provide proof of coverage along with our drone operators licence.

What are the benefits of a video production Retainer compared to simply paying-as-you-go?

There are many reasons a Retainer might be perfect for what you need. First you’ll have a professional cinematographer come to your location to every month to produce high qauilty content. Next you’ll benefit from a reduced rate and a fixed cost each month. There will be guaranteed content as you’re already booked in our diary. A video/Photo subscription will provide consistency in your online presence which is key for improved engagement.

You will save time by getting stuck into your next video project without having to go back and forth getting quotes from various video content creators. You will benefit from one price that you can budget for each month with no un-expected surprises

What type of content is NOT suitable for our Retainer on model?

Anything that requires a higher level of video production and a big team to produce would not be suitable for our subscription model. For example:
1) Films that may require more strategic work or the use of third party artists such as actors and voice overs.
2) Videos requiring a studio and specific sound design/full studio equipment would also fall into this remit.

Please enquire about our stand-alone video production services if you require something other than a one-person camera/editor.
If you’re unsure about the appropriate course of action, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

How long am I committing to with a video Retainer?

Minimum commitment is 3 months and after that you can cancel at any time. We think 3 months is a good amount of time to test and measure your content. Once you see how much value you are gettting back from it, you’ll not want to cancel!

Limitations of Producing Videos In-House/Marke

It is possible to produce videos in-house, but doing so on a regular basis at a high level will probably require a small team of committed video/photo professionals. It is easy to throw video content ideas at your marketing team to simply tick a box but this will turn out to be a shortcut with no real return and become a waste of time and resources.  

Keep in mind that your marketing team are not Videographers, Photographers, Video/Photo Editors or Storytelling Directors . They are marketing experts. It’s unlikely that adding video creation to their list of duties in an effort to save time or money will result in the quality or consistency you’re looking for in the long run.

I Produce They Disputed, or if you need a marketing team i have you covered with that to!

Are you able to fly your drones indoors?

Yes. When the space is deemed large enough to do so safely, our aircraft systems offer stable indoor flying.

Can you fly a drone in any conditions?

Due to the electronic components, multi-rotor drones cannot fly in the rain, thus we advise setting apart time for projects when the weather is unpredictable, especially when there are strong winds. We carefully evaluate the weather forecasts in advance of your job and certify whether the conditions are favourable or not. If not, we will identify alternatives and not bill you for that day.

Retainer Vs Event Package
  • Customization Specific Focus: Retainer packages are designed to cater to the specific needs and goals of a particular client which allows for a more tailored and customized experience. 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Flexibility: Retainer packages can be adjusted and scaled according to the unique requirements of a specific event. 
  • Intensive Resources: Retainer packages often involve concentrated efforts and resources to ensure the success of the clienr
  • easurable Outcomes: Retainer packages usually have clear and measurable outcomes tied to the success of the retainer, making it easier for clients to gauge the value they receive. 
  • Ongoing Relationship:
  • Consistency which can be particularly beneficial for businesses looking for stability in their operations
  • Cost-Efficiency

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