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Romantic Bliss: 5 Stunning Locations to Get Married in the Lehigh Valley”

Are you planning to tie the knot in the beautiful Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania? With its picturesque landscapes and charming settings, the Lehigh Valley offers numerous enchanting venues for couples looking to say “I do.” In this blog post, we’ll explore five captivating locations where you can get married in the Lehigh Valley, all while optimizing for the SEO keyword “get married in the Lehigh Valley.”

1. The Glasbern Inn: Nestled amidst rolling hills and lush farmland, The Glasbern Inn provides a rustic yet elegant backdrop for your wedding. With its beautifully restored barn and serene outdoor spaces, this venue is perfect for couples seeking a romantic countryside wedding.

Exchange vows in the Inn’s garden, followed by a reception in their charming barn. Guests will be treated to farm-to-table cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

2. Bear Creek Mountain Resort: If you dream of a mountaintop wedding with breathtaking views, Bear Creek Mountain Resort is an ideal choice. This all-season resort offers both indoor and outdoor ceremony options, allowing you to exchange vows against the backdrop of the scenic Lehigh Valley.

After the ceremony, celebrate in style at their rustic lodge or elegant ballroom. With on-site accommodations and activities like skiing and spa treatments, it’s a perfect location for a wedding weekend getaway.

3. Lehigh University’s Iacocca Hall: For couples seeking a blend of modern sophistication and historic charm, Lehigh University’s Iacocca Hall offers a stunning setting. The glass-walled building provides panoramic views of the Lehigh Valley, making it a unique and memorable location for your wedding.

Host your reception in the stylish ballroom, and take advantage of the adjacent outdoor terrace for cocktails and mingling. It’s an excellent choice for couples who appreciate contemporary aesthetics.

4. Sayre Mansion: Sayre Mansion, an exquisite Victorian estate, is a romantic venue steeped in history. The mansion’s manicured gardens and grand architecture provide an elegant backdrop for a classic and timeless wedding.

Exchange vows in the garden gazebo or within the charming historic mansion. The intimate setting and personalized service make Sayre Mansion a cherished choice for couples in search of a romantic atmosphere.

5. Allentown Rose Gardens: If you’re envisioning an outdoor wedding surrounded by vibrant blooms, the Allentown Rose Gardens is a picturesque option. This public park features stunning rose gardens, fountains, and scenic pathways, making it an idyllic spot for a garden wedding.

Say your vows amidst the fragrant roses, and then host a casual picnic-style reception on the lush lawns. The Allentown Rose Gardens offer an affordable yet charming setting for nature-loving couples.

Choosing the perfect location to get married in the Lehigh Valley is a crucial step in crafting your dream wedding day. Each of these venues offers a unique and enchanting atmosphere to create lasting memories with your loved one and cherished guests. Whether you prefer rustic elegance, mountain vistas, modern sophistication, historic charm, or a garden setting, the Lehigh Valley has the ideal backdrop for your special day.

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